Eastern Drill: Testing for Water Purity in Tolland County

Eastern Drill is Tolland County's best resource when you need the services of a water treatment company. Have you been unhappy with your home's water?  Many Connecticut homes benefit from various water treatments to improve the quality of their home's tap water. You can't tell if your water is pure by looking at it. Many people assume if the faucet delivers clear water that it is healthy.

This past summer a report was released showing that the vast majority of Americans are drinking unhealthy water. The Environmental Working Group revealed that our water has been fouled with hundreds of contaminants that can cause cancer, developmental deficiencies in children, complications in pregnancy and other serious health conditions.

To quote Nnecka Leiba director of Healthy Living Science at the EWG, “There are more than 250 contaminants across our nation’s drinking water... About 160 of those are unregulated. And that’s a big concern, because if a chemical is unregulated, that means it can be present in our water at any level — and be legal.”

What you can do

Talk to Eastern Drill for any questions or concerns you may have concerning the safety and purity of your household water supply. Once your water quality results are ready we can recommend a water treatment filtration system that best fits your needs. Call the office of Eastern Drill at 800-253-1451 - we want to help!

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