Eastern Drill: Testing for Water Purity in Tolland County

Eastern Drill is Tolland County's best water treatment company. Whether you have a dug well or your home receives a municipal water supply, you do not know what is coming out of your faucet unless you have your tap water tested. Have you purchased  a home with a well?  You may have questions about the adequacy of your well water supply. Some factors to consider when evaluating your well include  yield, pressure output/capacity, and of course, water quality.Many people assume if the faucet delivers clear water that it is healthy. You can't always taste or smell impurities in your tap water. Do you have residue in the bathtub, soap scum, or stains in the sink? Is there green staining in your toilet tank?  Many Connecticut homes benefit from various water treatments to improve the quality of their home's tap water. If your water supply is delivered through antiquated pipes, or heavy rainfall causes contaminated runoff to flow, bacteria and dangerous contaminants can seep into your water supply.

How is Your Water Supply?

Yield: Your yield is measured in Gallons Per Minute. If you know the depth of the well an the static level (natural level below surface of ground that water settles at), you can get an idea of how much water your well will deliver.

Pressure/Output Capacity: If you have a deep well, you need a larger pump to push the water out of the well when you put stress on it during peak use.

Water Quality: There is a difference between water that is potable (safe for human consumption) and water that is high quality. Learn more about any treatment system that is already installed.

Most well water tests are for all forms of contaminants including but not limited to bacteria, hardness, pesticides, nitrate, VOCs, radon and metals. If the natural water is low in PH and other factors are present your copper plumbing may fail. If you see green residue in the toilet tank, that’s possibly a sign that the copper plumbing may be negatively affected by the water quality.

In summer of 2017 a report was released showing that the vast majority of Americans are drinking unhealthy water. The Environmental Working Group revealed that our water has been fouled with hundreds of contaminants that can cause cancer, developmental deficiencies in children, complications in pregnancy and other serious health conditions.

What you can do

Talk to Eastern Drill for any questions or concerns you may have concerning the safety and purity of your household water supply. Once your water quality results are ready we can recommend a water treatment filtration system that best fits your needs. Call the office of Eastern Drill at 800-253-1451 - we want to help!

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