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When you are looking for a reputable well drilling company in Connecticut, call Eastern Drill. Eastern Drill is a comprehensive water service company. If your home's well is not meeting your needs or you have questions about the quality of your existing water supply, do not hesitate to call. For new wells, well augmentation, hydro fracturing, pump installation and repair, service upgrades, water treatments and water quality issues, call Eastern Drill. Eastern Drill handles emergency service calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For Emergency Calls you can reach us at (800) 253-1451.

Eastern Drill provides water treatments for home owners who take the quality of their home’s water supply seriously. Each day you and your family drink, bathe, and prepare food using water. Whether you have a dug well on your property or you receive your water supply from a municipal water system, having your water tested for safety and purity. We service 97 communities in Central and Eastern Counties. We also can service Litchfield, New Haven and Fairfield Counties for Well Services. 100 % Guarantee on our materials and workmanship. Eastern Drill serving CT since 1952.

Call the office of Eastern Drill at 800-253-1451 - we want to help!


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