Testing for Private Well  Water Purity in Tolland County

Eastern Drill will improve your water quality Bolton CT.  Are you curious about your well water quality in Tolland County?  Private, or individual water systems include private ground water residential wells, cisterns, and larger private water systems that serve more than one residence. EPA regulations that protect public drinking water systems do not apply to private wells or any other individual w

Eastern Drill is Bolton CT's most reliable well water treatment company. Many Tolland County home owners rely on private ground water wells. When you water looks clear, you may think it's just fine for drinking, bathing and such. However, if you have not had your well water tested lately, you can't know what is in there. Well water contaminants may be toxic chemicals, E.coli bacteria, Uranium, Arsenic, sodium and chlorides, pesticides, and more. In a brand new Connecticut well, uranium and arsen

Eastern Drill is your first choice in water treatment for Bolton CT.  We have a 60 year history of service excellence for all  local water services in Tolland County. Water Treatment is important for consistent quality in the water you and your family uses for drinking, bathing, and cooking.  Bolton's water may contain minerals and may be moderately hard. Well water can contain minerals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, and can vary widely in acidity. Highly acidic water may dissolve the lining

As Bolton's leading water treatment company, Eastern Drill has dedicated the past 60 years to providing safe water for our clients. Whether you get a municipal water supply or you have a dug well, you want your tap water to be safe and pure. When you move into a new home, it is prudent to find a reputable water company to inspect the quality of your water.  The only reliable method of knowing what your municipal water or well water contains is to have it tested. The water treatment experts at E