Trust Eastern Drill Co. for well maintenance Middlefield CT.  Water well maintenance directly impacts your water quality and your health. Eastern Drill can make certain the water quality coming into your home is the best it can be. It's easy to dismiss having your water tested for purity when you have no complaints about taste or residue. Water quality can change dramatically from season to season, especially after heavy rainfall. Do not assume that well water does not contain bacterial or chem

For water testing Middlefield CT, call Call Eastern Drill.  If you are moving into a new home, or you just want to know the quality of your well water, Eastern Drill can help. Because the company offers a full range of water services, we can test for minerals and impurities, then discuss treatments.   Eastern Drill is committed to providing a full range of water services. We dig wells to improve your water supply.  We can deepen your well, repair or replace your pump, and make your well wate

Call Eastern Drill for reliable well water testing services in Middlefield CT and surrounding towns. The Connecticut Department of Public Health recently estimated that just under a quarter of households in CT obtain their water from private wells. When you have a young family, it is important to have pure water coming into your home. Do you know what is in your well water? Many household wells in the state of Connecticut have higher than the recommended minimum levels of arsenic and uranium.