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For everything concerning water pumps in Ellington, Somers or Hebron CT, from water pump installation to repair, call the experts at Eastern Drill. Eastern Drill is Connecticut’s premier well and water company. At Eastern Drill we specialize in everything relating to water. One of the most important parts of your well is your water pump. All homes and business that have a well will have a water pump. Water Pumps are the key to bring water from your well to your home. What Eastern Drill can do is check your water system to make sure that your water pump is operating properly. We are able to either repair or replace any water pump in any well. We also can  provide your well with any size or brand water pump. We recommend  goulds and berkeley pumps. They are the leaders in the water industry and  have been building quality water pumps for decades. Both brands are also made in the USA.

Some tips when your water pump may be in need for a repair.

  1. decreased amount of  water pressure from your faucets, sinks or showers,
  2. A loud noise that comes from your faucets showers or sinks.
  3. Faucets showers or sinks doing any “air spitting” could be a sign you might want to check.
  4. High energy bills might be a sign that your water pump is having trouble any always has to work to bring water to your home.

At Eastern Drill we always service all of Tolland County and can provide solutions for any water or well pump issues you might have. If you do need a new water pump, Eastern Drill Co will install and make sure that everything works perfectly before we leave. Eastern Drill services everything that has to do with water and would like to be your home’s water professionals. We can handle emergency calls and get your water flowing again. Eastern Drill Company is your ticket to clean reliable water.

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