Eastern Drill Co. is the best company for water testing Franklin CT.  Bid farewell to water-related problems with Eastern Drill.  Due to climate changes, the world is facing an increasing amount of environmental problems. Water scarcity and access to safe and clean water is one major problem. Water is essential for life, and areas where there is a shortage of water can be very difficult to live in. Due to this scarcity, people have started taking an interest in finding ways of finding alternate water resources as well as increasing the quality of the water.

Quality of Water

The presence of bacteria and algae can change the taste of water and bring an unpleasant odor to it. Drinking water standards are regulations that the government establishes to control the level of contaminants in the nation's drinking water. The quality of water can be checked by taking a sample of water to test the acidity (pH), color, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity (a measure of the suspended particles in the water). The results of these tests can easily tell you how safe the water is for use. Water testing should be done regularly to ensure the health of your family.

Eastern Drill for your Water Services

Eastern Drill in Franklin, CT, is a 65-year-old company that has sound technology and experience to deal with all your water-related issues, especially water testing and well drilling. They have drilled wells across CT, such as Norwich, Colchester  and Hebron . After drilling a well, a whole system of hand pumps and proper pipes must be installed. In addition to this, the water should be treated so that it is safe to drink.

We are here to answer your questions about any aspect of our service.  We provide advice on what steps you need to take next for your safety. Call the Eastern Drill Co. office today at 800-253-1451 to receive more information or schedule an appointment.

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