sWater Testing in Colchester, CT

Water Testing in Colchester CT

Are you looking for a reputable water testing company in Colchester, CT? Then look no further than Eastern Drill Co. Our team will perform water tests, provide water treatments, drill new wells, improve existing wells, and service your water pump. Read on to find out why water testing is so important!

Why is Water Testing Important?

With children and pets in your home, it is especially important to determine the cleanliness of your home's water.  Firstly, you might be surprised to learn that many household wells in the state of Connecticut exceed the recommended minimum levels of both arsenic and uranium. These contaminants are naturally occurring,  and come into contact with the groundwater. Secondly, these can both cause potential adverse effects on human health. The presence of Arsenic and uranium in New Englands' groundwater has been shown to have a strong association to the composition of bedrock. It is worth noting, that exposure to elevated levels of uranium over a long period of time can damage your kidneys.

How We Can Help

Our team at Eastern Drill Co. will make sure your water is the best possible quality. We pride ourselves on making sure that your water system is yielding pure and abundant water. It’s always a good idea to have your water tested because we rely on it so much.  The water you drink, bathe in, cook with, etc, should withhold certain standards. Once we have tested your water and received the results, we can recommend a water treatment filtration system. Systems vary, so we will help determine the best one for your needs.

Any source water, private or municipal, may contain contaminants. It is important to note, that immune-compromised persons may be more vulnerable to contaminants than others. What you fail to learn about your drinking water can definitely hurt you. Microbial contaminants, pesticides and herbicides, and organic volatile chemicals can be present in your water supply.   To learn more about recent water testing n Colchester, CT click here.  Water was tested for over 100 contaminants, only 10 were detected, and all were found at levels below the State limits.

Allow our team to evaluate your water today! Your water may be at risk. If you depend on a private well to supply your family with fresh tap water, we want to talk to you! Call us at Eastern Drill Co. right away to schedule your water testing and discuss what the best options for you filtration system needs are. Call our office today at 800-253-1451 and speak with our professionals. You can also visit our website for more information.

Water Testing in Colchester CT