When you want water testing in Lisbon CT call the professionals at Eastern Drill Co.  Eastern Drill is the one-stop solution to all your water needs. When you are a homeowner and you rely on a well for all your water needs, you may want to test for water purity.

There are many factors that can taint a private well.  In very wet seasons, water can carry pesticides,  fertilizers, chemicals, and roadway runoff toward your home.  Storm sewer backups and flooding are particularly dangerous for shallow wells. Bacteria, minerals, algae, and radon are  other contaminants you want to test for.

Water Services with Eastern Drill

Does the idea of an efficient company with 65 years of experience looking after your water needs sound reliable? Eastern Drill, located in Lisbon, CT, has top-notch services and can also provide you with an alternate source of water.
Other services such as water testing, water pumps, hydro fracturing, trenching, and well abandonment are some of the areas where our company is fully equipped with the latest knowledge and technology. Call the Eastern Drill Co. office today at 800-253-1451 to receive more information or schedule an appointment.

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