When you need water testing for your home or business in Preston CT, trust your needs to Eastern Drill Co. We are the industry’s leading provider of high quality water and well water testing and maintenance services. We provide accurate and reliable tests for private well water purity. Are you ready for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your well water is potable? If the answer is yes, call Eastern Drill Co. Our experts service individual private wells, as well as large private water systems like cisterns, residential wells, and more.

It is imperative that you have a reputable lab test your water. It is the only way to truly know the quality of your private well water. Eastern Drill Co. is the professional company you want testing your tap for contaminants, purity, and quality. Our well water treatments effectively eliminate:

And more.

Hard water affects 85% of American households. Hard water is caused by minerals dissolving into water. There are several obvious indications of hard water, including:

Clogged pipes
Feeling a film on your hands after washing them
Spots on glasses and silverware, mineral stains
Less water pressure in your home
And more.

85% of American households are affected by hard water. But what exactly does that mean? Hard water occurs when minerals dissolve into water. Some obvious signs of hard water include clogged pipes, feeling a film on your hands after washing them, spots on glasses and silverware, mineral stains, less water pressure in your home, and more. Water treatments and testing help prevent and/or mitigate scale buildup, prolong the life of your appliances, and improve your health.

Eastern Drill Co. wants to be your local well maintenance and well water testing company. Our professionals are true water and well maintenance experts. Call our experts when you have questions or concerns about the quality and purity of your well water. Water quality is more than just taste and appearance. Call the Eastern Drill Co. office today at 800-253-1451 to speak to one of our experts, to receive more information, or schedule an appointment.

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