For optimal water quality you need a reputable water treatment company Manchester CT.  The experts at Eastern Drill will accommodate your home or business in greater Manchester.  Have you noticed a change in the quality of your well water? Just because you are not experiencing obvious signs of problems, does not mean that your system is clean. Just because water tastes and smells fine, does not mean that it is. Do you have children and now find yourself worrying about your water quality and purity? Are you worried about your residential well or even municipal water being contaminated after a heavy storm? If you have any of these questions and more, get peace of mind from calling the professionals at Eastern Drill Co.

Home water testing kits can be tedious, confusing, and inaccurate. Remove the variables and call Eastern Drill and request a consultation. Why is water treatment important? Well, a consistent quality of water across the board is desired by many families. The water you and your family use for cooking, cleaning, drinking, bathing, and more should not include certain impurities. Water can contain a variety of different minerals, medications, bacteria, and varies widely in acidity. Acidic water can be dangerous; high levels can erode the protective lining in lead pipes, and deliver the lead right through your faucets.

Every year, the professionals at Eastern Drill Co. hear about a contaminated municipal water supply. Municipalities as well as private well owners need to periodically check the quality of their water to ensure quality and safety. The contaminants are numerous and potentially deadly- e.coli bacteria, uranium, chlorides, pesticides, arsenic, and more. Did you know that when a brand-new well is installed in Connecticut, arsenic and uranium are NOT part of the routine water tests? When you call Eastern Drill Co., you get the peace of mind that comes from having a team of professionals test your water supply. If our experts detect any of these nefarious contaminants lurking in your well, we can eliminate all issues with our water treatments.

Call the experts at Eastern Drill Co. when you have questions concerning the quality and safety of your well. Our professionals are standing by to speak with you at:  800-253-1451.

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