Eastern Drill provides water treatments Andover CT.  When you take your  home's water quality seriously, test and treat with Eastern Drill.  Each day you and your family drink, bathe, and prepare food using water. Whether you have a dug well on your property or you receive your water supply from a municipal water system, having your water tested for safety and purity is always a good idea.

What’s in your drinking water? There is more to water quality than appearance and taste. The only reliable method of knowing what your municipal water or well water contains is to have it tested by a reputable laboratory.

The water treatment experts at Eastern Drill can test your tap water for purity. Our water treatments filter or eliminate minerals, contaminants, lead, hardness, and bacterial contamination.  It is always wise to have your well water tested when you move to a new area. Water treatments may prevent scale buildup, prolong the life of your appliances, and improve your health. A benefit to eliminating ‘hardness’ will be cleaner rinsing with less soap and detergent. Water quality from your Municipal water supply may not be safe periodically. Talk to Eastern Drill for any questions or concerns you may have concerning the safety and purity of your household water supply. Once your results are in we can help improve your water quality by recommending a water treatment filtration system that best fits your needs. Call Eastern Drill today: 800-253-1451.

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