Rely on Eastern Drill for repair and replacement of well water pumps Ellington CT. When your water pump fails at the worst possible time, Eastern Drill comes to your rescue. Eastern Drill is your local emergency water service company serving Ellington and surrounding towns. When your family relies on well water and your water pump fails at the worst possible time, call 800-253-1451 and we will be out right away! Eastern Drill services Water Pumps all over CT. If your water is coming out slow or not at its normal rate or pressure your water pump could be damaged and in need of repair. At Eastern Drill Co we are more than happy to help out with all your water pump needs and have been serving Eastern CT for over 40 years. We have 24-hour emergency service. Please, call us today.


water pump repair


Water pump systems are installed after the well has been drilled. Because your water supply depends on a durable pump, trust Eastern Drill to keep your system going. Part of our promise is to provide complete service and repairs for your well to make sure that you have a durable system. We provide repair, installation and service for the following types of water pumps. Submersible pumps, jet pump conversions, booster pumps, turbine pumps, sump pumps, and constant pressure systems. Whether you are looking upgrade a current system, make repairs or install a new system, Eastern Drill can get the job done! We service water pumps from Stafford CT to Colchester CT and everywhere between. Call Eastern Drill for your next water pump service, repair, or installation.