How Often You Should Test Your Water in Litchfield County CT

How Often You Should Test Your Water in Litchfield County CT

Looking to find out how often you should test your water in Litchfield County, CT? Look no further as we dive in and discover not only how often to test, but what to look for if something is amiss.

Fresh, clean well water is undoubtedly some of the best you’ll ever taste. However, the responsibility of treating that water is no easy feat. Filtration systems to maintain well water are costly and also difficult to maintain. Repairs are up to you if your well is blocked or damaged.

Private Well Testing in Litchfield County CT

Your water can look clean but it’s critical to test your water annually. The best time to test your water in Litchfield County is after a heavy rain fall generally in the Spring or Fall according to Contaminants can seep into your underground well water supply. Check out this article that covers the contaminants that can be found in well water.

You can become quite sick when exposed to these contaminants through bathing and consumption. Moreover, these contaminants can significant mechanical damage to your filtration system and plumbing. For your safety, ensure your water supply system is always in good, working order. As well as that, minimize the risk of costly repairs by having your well water tested annually.

Is Your Well Water Contaminated?

Test water that smells or tastes funny. It is important to note, that even if your water tastes normal, it is not a valid reason to skip an annual test. Not all pollutants change the taste or smell of your water. Your water may be contaminated if you experience an upset stomach after consumption.  Test immediately if a rash appears after submersion.

Furthermore, a clear sign of contamination is if you see buildup on your bathroom fixtures or colored stains in areas of heavy water use.

Test water promptly if it smells like rotten eggs, detergent, or chlorine.  Also test water if it tastes salty, metallic, soapy, or of chemicals.

Testing Your Water

Professional water testing services are the best way to test your water. You cannot successfully test your own water if you don't know which contaminants can be present. DIY testing kits can return false positives, and detect a limited amount of contaminants. However, professional water testing can detect a wide variety of contaminants in your water with more accuracy than a home test. Without a doubt, you can only treat your water once you know what's in it. A professional water testing service may put permanent filtration or other solutions in place to make sure your water stays clean.

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