Call Eastern Drill to improve your tap water with water treatments Hartford CT. We are a leading CT water treatment company serving Hartford and surrounding areas. If your tap water has a funny taste, or you can smell chlorine while taking a hot shower, call Eastern Drill. Do you have small pets and children in your home? Water testing is the best way to ensure that your tap water is safe. When you are concerned about the quality and safety of your home’s water supply, talk to the experts at E

Call Eastern Drill to make certain your summer home well water is pure. When you have a private well, annual testing for dangerous contaminants is recommended. This is particularly important when your seasonal home is not served by a municipal sewer system. Heavy rainfall and an aging wastewater septic system are the biggest potential drinking water quality problems for summer home wells. You are advised to make sure that your summer home wastewater system is not overloaded. If you allow your fa