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Water Service in Bolton CT

When you're looking for the best water service in Bolton CT, Eastern Drill. We are Bolton's top water treatment company. We test your water to ensure the quality is safe for you. There is more to the quality than taste and clarity. Where your water comes from also plays a factor in the quality and potential contaminants. Different types of water systems include private ground water residential wells, cisterns, and larger private water systems that serve multiple residences. Private wells and individual water systems are not protected by EPA regulations that protect public drinking water systems. In short, when you own a well, you are responsible for the quality of your well water.

Testing Your Water

To continue, the only reliable method of water testing for lead, minerals, bacteria, radioactivity, or any dangerous impurities is to have it tested by a reputable laboratory. The experts at Eastern Drill will then receive your results and treat your home's water to make it safe, clean, and pure. Our water treatments filter and eliminate minerals, contaminants, lead, hardness, and bacterial contamination. Minerals dissolved in the water could clog pipes and affect numerous systems in your home like your shower, sink and washer which could keep your clothes from rinsing clean. These minerals make your water 'hard,' then contribute to scale buildup in your appliances, fixtures and pipes. By eliminating ‘hardness,’ you will benefit from cleaner rinsing with less soap and detergent, indeed.

To conclude, if you have any questions regarding your water, talk to Eastern Drill. We will answer all concerns you have concerning the safety and purity of your household water supply. Once your water quality results are ready, then we can recommend a water treatment filtration system that best fits your needs. Call the office of Eastern Drill at 800-253-1451 - we want to help!

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