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To determine water quality and potability, labs perform several tests. These tests can determine if a specific mineral or contaminant has affected a water source. With exact numbers, researchers are in a better position to figure out correct solutions to the problem. The three major types of water testing include:

Bacterial Testing

Bacterial testing helps determine how safe water is for drinking or use on the skin. A wide variety of bacteria can infect water sources. The most common one that testers keep an eye out for is E. Coli. This bacteria is found in fecal matter and can cause severe infections in the digestive system.

Mineral Testing

There are hundreds of mineral tests available. To list them all, we could fill a thesis research paper. But let us look at the most important and common tests. Mineral testing includes but is not limited to testing for

    • Sodium
    • Potassium
    • Zinc
    • Iron
    • Copper
    • Lead
    • Nitrites & Nitrates
    • Chlorine & Chlorates

Mineral testing is important because different regions have a build-up of specific materials. By identifying the excess minerals, correct treatments can be used to purify the water.

pH Testing

If it seems you took your last science class in some previous life, here is a quick reminder of what pH is. pH stands for potential Hydrogen and is a scale to measure acidity.  Acidic water not only tastes weird but is also harmful to your health. More acidity also means more corrosion in your pipes, which can alter the mineral content of the water that flows through them.

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