If you are looking for water testing in Colchester CT, Eastern Drill can help with that. Water testing is a crucial part of owning a home. You want to make sure that the water in your pipes and faucets is safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing dishes. As you have to wait for days to find out if your water is safe or not, and even then it's hard to figure out what exactly you need to do about it.

However, if you're like most people, you probably don't test your water as often as you should. It's time-consuming and inconvenient to schedule an appointment with professionals who charge hundreds of dollars for their services. Even if you can afford those rates, it's still not convenient because they usually only offer one-day appointments. This means taking time off work or rescheduling something important at the last minute when something goes wrong with your water system.

We are local experts in water quality testing who can get quick water sampling results. The EPA estimates that 25% of the nation's public water systems deliver drinking water with lead levels above the legal limit. And you're not likely to know about it until your kids get sick or pregnant women to start miscarrying. That's why we test our clients' tap and bottled waters for heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and cadmium, etc.

Eastern Drill offers same-day service at affordable prices so that homeowners can stay on top of their water quality without breaking their bank or disrupting their lives too much. We also provide free advice about how often you should test your plumbing fixtures and systems so that nothing catches you by surprise down the road.

We are dedicated to helping you understand what's in your drinking water so that you can make informed decisions about how best to protect your family. Contact Eastern Drill today. Call 800-253-1451 today.

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