Consult the services at Eastern Drill for water testing in East Hampton CT.  When your family relies upon well water, you ought to know about your water quality. As a full-service local company, Eastern Drill provides well drilling, testing and water treatment services. We have residential and commercial clients all over Connecticut. Whether you receive your water from the municipal supplier or have a private well, you should be concerned with water purity. Families with small children and pregnant mothers benefit from pure, contaminant-free tap water.

You should have your well water tested occasionally. Many household wells in the state of Connecticut have higher than the recommended minimum levels of arsenic and uranium. These contaminants are naturally occurring elements coming into contact with the groundwater. The potential adverse effects on human health are well documented. Arsenic and uranium in groundwater in New England have been shown to have a strong association to the composition of the bedrock.

In a 2016 Connecticut Dept. of Public Health report stated that private wells serve 23 per cent of Connecticut's population. The State does not require that existing private wells be routinely tested for arsenic, uranium, or other contaminants; consequently, private wells are only sampled at the well owner’s discretion or when they are newly constructed. Download the report here and see fig. 1

What you can do

Any source water, private or municipal, may contain contaminants. Microbial contaminants, pesticides and herbicides, and organic volatile chemicals may inadvertently seep into your water supply. Immune-compromised persons may be more vulnerable to contaminants than the general public. What you don't know about your drinking water can hurt you. If you depend on a private well to supply your family with fresh tap water, talk to Eastern Drill right away and determine whether your water is at risk.  Once your water quality results are ready we can recommend a water treatment filtration system that best fits your needs. Call Eastern Drill at 800-253-1451 and get your water tested today.

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