Water Testing East Windsor CT

Water Testing East Windsor CT

If you are searching for a reliable water testing company in East Windsor, CT, you need to check out Eastern Drill Co. Our team can do it all! We've proudly been serving residents of East Windsor  and other Hartford County towns for years. Our services include performing water tests, providing water treatments, drilling new wells, improving existing wells, and servicing your water pump. Water testing is crucial for the whole family, read on to learn more!

What's The Big Deal?

The cleanliness of your water is especially important for your pets and children. To begin, it may come as a surprise that Connecticut wells carry high levels of arsenic and uranium.  These contaminants come into contact with groundwater.  However, they are naturally occurring.  Furthermore, they both have the ability to affect human health. It is important to note, that prolonged exposure to high levels of uranium can cause kidney damage.

We Can Help!

Our team at Eastern Drill Co. will ensure that your water is of the best quality. You need a water system that produces plenty of pure water. We can help with that! We rely on water for so many things, so it should meet certain standards. After testing your water and analyzing the results, we can recommend a suitable water treatment filtration system. There are many types of systems, so we will help determine which one is best for you.

It is possible for any source of water to contain contaminants. It is important to note, that people who are immune-compromised may be more susceptible to pollutants than others. Did you know, that microbial impurities, pesticides and herbicides, and organic volatile chemicals can all be present in your water supply?  The longer you ignore your water quality, the longer your family may be at risk.

Thank you for checking out our latest blog on water testing in East Windsor, CT.  We hope you found it informational and helpful. All this being said, call us to evaluate your water today! Your water supply may be causing harm to your family.  Our team at Eastern Drill Co. is waiting to hear from you!  Schedule your water test today. We can discuss the best options for your filtration system needs and get you set up today. To reach our office, call 800-253-1451 and speak with our knowledgeable team members. You can also visit our website for additional information on the services we offer.

Water Testing East Windsor CT