Call Eastern Drill for well water treatments Bristol CT. If you own a property with a private well in the greater Bristol area, then you need the professional well treatment services done by Eastern Drill Co. You and your family deserve the peace of mind that is provided by knowing that you have potable water.

Is your well contaminated? Each new season brings with it potential problems for your private well. Exceptionally rainy weather as well as increased runoff are additional factors that can adversely affect your well water quality. Call Eastern Drill Co. when you need water testing and well water treatments.

Did you know that there is more to the quality of your water than its taste and appearance? The only true way to determine whether your well or municipal water is safe is by having a test done by a reputable laboratory. Eastern Drill Co. has your expert water treatment solutions. Our water treatments not only test for purity, but also filter and eliminate minerals, hardness, lead, and bacterial and other contaminants.

Our diagnostic work may also help inform you on how to more effectively use products in your home. Contaminants in your well water may be affecting your home. Do you have hard water? Is your glassware still cloudy after washing? Does your skin feel extra dry after bathing? Then you probably have hard water buildup. Hard water is a term used to describe the amount of minerals present in your water. Hard water becomes an issue over time because the excess minerals buildup and eventually lead to pipes becoming clogged. Water treatment services from Eastern Drill will give you peace of mind that you are truly getting clean when you shower, bath, and wash your hands at home.

If you have concerns about the safety and purity of your home’s well water, talk to the experienced technicians at Eastern Drill Co. Once we analyze your water quality results, we will be able to recommend the water treatment filtration system that fits the needs of your home. Call the Eastern Drill Co. office at 800-253-1451.

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