For optimal water quality you need a reputable water treatment company Manchester CT.  The experts at Eastern Drill will accommodate your home or business in greater Manchester.  Have you noticed a change in the quality of your well water? Just because you are not experiencing obvious signs of problems, does not mean that your system is clean. Just because water tastes and smells fine, does not mean that it is. Do you have children and now find yourself worrying about your water quality and pu

Water Treatment Company Serving Tolland County

Eastern Drill is the leading water treatments company serving Tolland county. When your well water discolors your fixtures, smells funny or just tastes bad, where do you turn? If your home receives a municipal water supply, a good water treatment system might improve the taste, purity and feel of your water. Every year we hear about a tainted municipal water supply or contaminated wells in the state of Connectic

Eastern Drill: Testing for Water Purity in Tolland County

Eastern Drill is Tolland County's best water treatment company. Whether you have a dug well or your home receives a municipal water supply, you do not know what is coming out of your faucet unless you have your tap water tested. Have you purchased  a home with a well?  You may have questions about the adequacy of your well water supply. Some factors to consider when evaluating your well include  yi