When you need a well dug in Andover CT, give Eastern Drill, Connecticut well experts, a call. When you have a dug well, you may notice that your summer water demands are just not met by your current well. There are many reasons that ones well can run dry. A few common reasons in the summer months are forgetting to turn off the garden hose, trying to fill a pool, a dry summer season with little rain or even new home construction in your area. What should you do if your well runs dry? Before you start guessing call a pro! Unless you know how the system works you can do more harm than good. Instead of possibly harming your well system you should call someone to teach you how your well functions. Call Eastern Drill for all of your well repair and maintenance needs. You don't have time to learn during an emergency! Eastern Drill serves all of Connecticut. Call 800-253-1451.


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