When your water pump fails and you need water pump repair Andover CT, call Eastern Drill. Eastern Drill is your local emergency water service company serving Andover and surrounding towns. When your family relies on well water and your water pump fails at the worst possible time, call 800-253-1451 and we will be out right away! Eastern Drill services Water Pumps in all over CT. If your water is coming out slow or not at its normal rate or pressure your water pump could be damage

When you need a well dug in Andover CT, give Eastern Drill, Connecticut well experts, a call. When you have a dug well, you may notice that your summer water demands are just not met by your current well. There are many reasons that ones well can run dry. A few common reasons in the summer months are forgetting to turn off the garden hose, trying to fill a pool, a dry summer season with little rain or even new home construction in your area. What should you do if your well runs dry? Before you s

Eastern Drill can provide safe well water treatments for your Andover CT home. When you have a private well, you owe it to your family to ensure a safe drinking water supply. There are many factors which can adversely affect your well water quality. Changes in seasons, exceptional rainy weather, and runoff are only a few things that can contaminate your well. There is more to water quality than appearance and taste. The only reliable method of knowing what your municipal water or well water c

Call the water quality experts at Eastern Drill to improve your home's water supply. What’s in your drinking water? Each day you and your family drink, bathe, and prepare food using water. In Andover and other towns in northeastern CT, you may have a private well on your property. We believe that having your water tested regularly for safety and purity is always a good idea. There is more to water quality than appearance and taste. The only reliable method of knowing what your municipal wat

Eastern Drill is your number one trusted source in eastern CT for well water treatments. Water Treatment is important for consistent quality in the water you and your family uses for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Late last year researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey  suggested that the same corrosivity that contaminated the Flint, Michigan water supply with high levels of lead could affect hundreds of thousands of individual homes here in Connecticut. The study shows that 75 to nearly 85 p