Eastern Drill is Bolton CT's most reliable well water treatment company. Many Tolland County home owners rely on private ground water wells. When you water looks clear, you may think it's just fine for drinking, bathing and such. However, if you have not had your well water tested lately, you can't know what is in there. Well water contaminants may be toxic chemicals, E.coli bacteria, Uranium, Arsenic, sodium and chlorides, pesticides, and more. In a brand new Connecticut well, uranium and arsen

Eastern Drill is the premier well water treatments company in Tolland County CT.  In the town of Coventry, many homes rely on private wells for their tap water. Is your tap water safe? Don't make assumptions about the safety of your home's tap water. Water quality may vary after a heavy rainfall, roadway runoff, seasonal algae blooms, change in mineral content or pH. There is more to water quality than appearance and taste. The only reliable method of knowing what your municipal water or well w

Eastern Drill is your most reliable resource for well water treatments company in Tolland County. In eastern Connecticut, many home owners rely on  private ground water wells. You may believe your water supply is clean because it appears clear and has no aftertaste. However, if you have not had your well water tested lately, you can't know what is in there. If you have children and a private well, get your water tested.  If you wonder about municipal water after heavy rain storms: call Eastern

Eastern Drill is your number one trusted source in eastern CT for well water treatments. Water Treatment is important for consistent quality in the water you and your family uses for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Late last year researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey  suggested that the same corrosivity that contaminated the Flint, Michigan water supply with high levels of lead could affect hundreds of thousands of individual homes here in Connecticut. The study shows that 75 to nearly 85 p