For well water treatments in Tolland CT, call the professionals at Eastern Drill Co.  Spring is a notoriously wet season. Rain leads to an increase in runoff which is a factor that can negatively impact the quality of your well water. For the best in all things related to well maintenance and well water treatments, rely on Eastern Drill Co. You and your family deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your water is safe to use and drink.

Is your well contaminated? There is more to your water quality than the way it looks and tastes. Call Eastern Drill Co. when you need to know the true status of your residential or municipal water supply. We work with only the best laboratories to ensure that your results are accurate. When you rely on Eastern Drill Co. for your water treatments, you get to know the purity of your water, as well as filter and eliminate harmful minerals, lead, hardness, bacteria and other contaminants.

When you get diagnostic work performed by the experts at Eastern Drill Co., the results may help you use your home products more efficiently. Do you know if you have excess hard water? You can tell this by several factors, including cloudy glassware, extra dry skin after washing, and more. These may be indications that you have hard water buildup. Hard water buildup describes excess minerals present in your water that results in pipe buildup and clogging. Eastern Drill Co. provides water treatments that will ensure that your water is truly clean and potable.

When you need the peace of mind and certainty that comes from well water treatments, contact Eastern Drill Co. Our experienced technicians will analyze your water quality test results and recommend a proper plan of action. This may include a new water filtration system. Call Eastern Drill Co. today to schedule an appointment or to have your questions answered: 800-253-1451.

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