When you need high quality water quality testing services for your home in Tolland CT, contact the best in the business at Eastern Drill Co. We provide high-quality and accurate tests for private well water purity throughout Tolland County and surrounding areas. Eastern Drill is ready to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the quality of your well water is the best it can be. Private wells, or individual water systems, covers a vast array of different systems including: large

Testing for Private Well  Water Purity in Tolland County

Eastern Drill will improve your water quality Bolton CT.  Are you curious about your well water quality in Tolland County?  Private, or individual water systems include private ground water residential wells, cisterns, and larger private water systems that serve more than one residence. EPA regulations that protect public drinking water systems do not apply to private wells or any other individual w

Eastern Drill provides reliable water testing services all over Connecticut. Do you know what is in your well water? Many household wells in the state of Connecticut have higher than the recommended minimum levels of arsenic and uranium. These contaminants are naturally occurring elements coming into contact with the groundwater. The potential adverse effects on human health are well documented. Arsenic and uranium in groundwater in New England have been shown to have a strong association to the

Eastern Drill is Tolland County's premier company for well water treatments. When you rely on a well to supply your household with water, you take for granted that it is pure. Are you happy with your water quality based on its clarity, or taste alone? Your well water should be laboratory tested at least once per year. Because well water quality may fluctuate seasonally, you may need to test for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels more frequently. If you or we

Is Your Private Well Water Pure?

Eastern Drill is as concerned as you are about your household water quality.  In rural communities in eastern Connecticut such as Andover, many of us have private wells that supply our homes with drinking water. If you are curious about the purity of your well's water in Tolland County CT, consult the water treatment professionals at Eastern Drill. Private, or individual water systems include private ground water residentia