Eastern Drill Co. is the best company for water testing Franklin CT.  Bid farewell to water-related problems with Eastern Drill.  Due to climate changes, the world is facing an increasing amount of environmental problems. Water scarcity and access to safe and clean water is one major problem. Water is essential for life, and areas where there is a shortage of water can be very difficult to live in. Due to this scarcity, people have started taking an interest in finding ways of

Rely on the experts at Eastern Drill Co. for water testing Montville CT.  Ever lived in a house with a bad water supply? It's not just inconvenient and frustrating, but it’s also unsafe for your health. That is why it is important to invest in water testing services. If you are experiencing any health issues due to bad water, then contacting Eastern Drill Co in Montville CT for water testing might be necessary to ensure your safety. Montville CT is home to many lakes and streams that provi

Are you searching for high quality water testing services in Stonington CT? If you have a home or business near Stonington, contact Eastern Drill Co. We are industry leaders. Our tests are accurate and performed throughout New London and surrounding counties. Do you need to know that your private well water is as clean as it looks? Eastern Drill Co. is proud to supply Connecticut home and business owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the true quality of your water. We service in

Call Eastern Drill for reliable well water testing services in Middlefield CT and surrounding towns. The Connecticut Department of Public Health recently estimated that just under a quarter of households in CT obtain their water from private wells. When you have a young family, it is important to have pure water coming into your home. Do you know what is in your well water? Many household wells in the state of Connecticut have higher than the recommended minimum levels of arsenic and uranium.

Eastern Drill is Tolland County's premier company for well water treatments. When you rely on a well to supply your household with water, you take for granted that it is pure. Are you happy with your water quality based on its clarity, or taste alone? Your well water should be laboratory tested at least once per year. Because well water quality may fluctuate seasonally, you may need to test for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels more frequently. If you or we