Water Testing in Lisbon CT

Water Testing in Lisbon CT

When you want water testing in Lisbon CT, make sure to call the professionals at Eastern Drill Co.  Eastern Drill is the one-stop solution to all your water needs. When you are a homeowner and you rely on a well for all your water needs, you should test for water purity.

There are many factors that can taint a private well. In very wet seasons, water can carry pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, and roadway runoff toward your home.  Storm sewer backups and flooding are particularly dangerous for shallow wells. Bacteria, minerals, algae, and radon are other contaminants you want to test for.

Water Services with Eastern Drill

Eastern Drill has over 65 years of experience looking after residents' water needs in Lisbon CT and surrounding towns. We offer reliable, top-notch services and can also provide you with an alternate source of water if needed. Here are some tips on why you should get your water tested.

1. Changes in Water Color

To start, people often don't think about the quality of their water until there is a noticeable change. A sure way to know its time for a water test is if your water changes color. Any change in hue can be concerning, especially if you're used to seeing perfectly clear water. There's no guarantee that the discolored water usually will impact your health, but it is still a good idea to get it tested.

Local Water Quality Issues:

Without a doubt, natural disasters can disturb water quality for a long time. After one occurs, it's common for contaminants to leak into your drinking water supply. Unfortunately, this can cause a long list of health and safety risks. The most threatening contaminants in these cases are mold and bacteria.

Small Children In The Home

Small children are the most vulnerable population group. Did you know that children generally drink more water per pound of body weight than adults? This leads to greater exposure and therefore a higher risk.  Furthermore, the reason they are more sensitive is that their bodies are still growing. Toxic chemicals cause more damage to developing tissue.

How Can We Help?

Our mission at Eastern Drill is to supply you with high-quality water testing services and solutions. This includes initial well drilling, to lifetime maintenance service. At Eastern Drill, we offer complete water services and take care of all your needs to keep your family safe. It's our goal to provide a smooth process - from drilling and setting up to building a system that suits all your water needs. Most importantly, we're licensed and insured for your protection.

Lastly, other services we offer include water testing, water pumps, hydrofracturing, trenching, and well abandonment. Our company is fully equipped with the latest knowledge and technology. Call the Eastern Drill Co. office today at 800-253-1451 to receive more information or schedule an appointment.

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