Water Treatment is important for consistent quality in the water you and your family uses for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Late last year researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey  suggested that the same corrosivity that contaminated the Flint, Michigan water supply with high levels of lead could affect hundreds of thousands of individual homes here in Connecticut. The study shows that 75 to nearly 85 per cent of private wells in Connecticut could contain corrosive groundwater... it all dep

Eastern Drill provides water treatments for residents of Andover CT who take the quality of their home's water supply seriously. Each day you and your family drink, bathe, and prepare food using water. Whether you have a dug well on your property or you receive your water supply from a municipal water system, having your water tested for safety and purity is always a good idea. What’s in your drinking water? There is more to water quality than appearance and taste. The only reliable method